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Review: Slice, the Pi Compute Module-based media player

Updated My original idea was to review the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. But the thing about the Compute Module is that it’s not an end-user product: it was designed for manufacturers looking for an ARM-based platform on which they can build devices they can sell. Unlike the Raspberry Pi itself, the Compute Module is not intended for makers or for computing hobbyists. To evaluate the Compute Module what I really needed to look at was a product based upon it.

So I waited for one…

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Beating a bug in OpenElec 3.0’s Mac OS X installation code

Just as I’m about to start using an Intel “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) as a media device in place of my 1080p-unfriendly original Apple TV, up pops a major new release of OpenElec, the XMBC and Linux-based media centre software.

I’d already installed XBMC on top of Ubuntu 12.10, but I was having some issues with Ubuntu’s Plymouth boot screen loader and HDMI detection. OpenElec, being a more streamlined package, would solve my problems I hoped.

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