About ‘Smittytone Messes with Micros’

This is the personal blog of Tony Smith, formerly a senior editor on the hugely popular British technology newssite The Register. Tony is based in London from where he has been writing about information technology and consumer electronics for more than 30 years. During that time he has worked on many of the UK’s best known computing titles – among them MicroScope, MacUser, Personal Computer World and Computer Shopper – appeared on CNN and the BBC, and written for The Times, The Sunday TimesThe Guardian and The Independent.

Tony is currently a Developer Educator at cloud communications colossus Twilio, but what he writes here is entirely his own affair.

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You can reach me via the feedback system integrated into MNU, Squinter and PreviewMarkdown. You can also contact me via LinkedIn and by mail: smsSYMBOLsmittytone.net, where SYMBOL is the usual ‘at’ character).

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I welcome comments from readers, but comments that simply link to sites quoting material from this blog will generally be rejected. Ditto offensive material — let’s remember our manners, folks.