Preview JSON files with macOS’ QuickLook and PreviewJson

I’m pleased to announce the latest in my PreviewApps series: PreviewJson. It taps into macOS’ QuickLook feature to provide at-a-tap previews of JSON files and generates Finder icon thumbnails for them too. There are some updates out too.

Now available from the Mac App Store: PreviewJson

If, like me, you work with JSON file a lot, it’s handy to be able to take a quick look at them without first opening them up in a text editor. Sometimes all you want to do is visually check the value of a single key. PreviewJson makes that straightforward.

I’ve kept things simple and focused on the data: PreviewJson renders JSON data very straightforwardly, to make it easy to quickly scan a file for the information you want. If you prefer to know whether items are objects or arrays, you can opt to show JSON’s standard delimiters for those elements: braces or square brackets.

Previewing without JSON marks…
…or with them, the purist’s option

Like the other PreviewApps — PreviewCode, PreviewMarkdown and PreviewYaml — the new family member lets you pick your own preview font, the colour of keys and (if they’re show) JSON marks, whether bad JSON is displayed even if it can’t be rendered, and whether you’d like to see your previews in paper-white style even when you’re running your Mac in Dark Mode.

PreviewJson is available now for a very modest outlay — less the the price of a chocolate bar, in point of fact, and which keeps the blog going — from the Mac App Store. The source code will be up on GitHub shortly.

Other Software Releases and Updates

What else is new? This little lot: