Adjust Apple AirPod Audio

I discovered this today and decided to share it. Ever find yourself listening to an album that’s coming across slightly stronger in one ear than the other? Here’s how you can fix it if you’re listening to Apple AirPods — and possibly other wireless cans connected to an iPhone or iPad.

In the old days, we’d step over to the amplifier and tweak its balance control. In the era of wireless audio, this is not so easy to do. Most digital music apps don’t offer balance controls. To be fair, 99 per cent of the time they don’t need to. But it can be a pain if you need to adjust left and right channel output for a track or a whole album.

The way to do it on the iPhone under iOS 13 is head over to the Settings app. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Here there’s a balance control slider that you can adjust while listening to get the right sound centre.


You can even listen in mono, if you want that old pre-stereo sound. No mixed in clicks and pops though.


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