Practise what you preach

Some months back, I posted a guide to backing up a Raspberry Pi SD card using a Mac. I tested it at the time and it worked. It’ll be good to share this, I thought. So I did.

Pibow Raspberry Pi case
SD woes

And a good job too, because this past weekend I needed to cook to my own recipe. A long overdue Pi sudo apt-get upgrade followed by tweaking raspi-config zapped my system software.

Rebooting the Pi produced nothing but a single flash of the green Activity LED and the reassuring glow of the red Power LED — the hardware probably wasn’t up the spout. Googling confirmed my fear: the software was fritzed.

So I called up my blog entry, just as a reader might, and followed the walkthrough. It took a while for the compressed 16GB image to copy, but I got a working OS. This, second attempt at updating went smoothly.

Hopefully, you won’t need the recovery guide, but if you do, I can confirm it’ll get you out of hot water. Just make sure you have back-up before that happens.

1 thought on “Practise what you preach

  1. rdmilligan

    Probably should do this, as i’ve already deleted program icons (obviously not catastrophic) whilst trying to clean down the vast amount of jpgs created by the webcam Motion software. I say probably – but i know i’m too lazy to actually do a backup 🙂

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