PreviewCode 1.2.0 released to support user-requested programming data file types

PreviewCode, my macOS Finder source code and data file preview app, has had a major update to support a bunch of developer-oriented file types requested by users. The new version, 1.2.0, is available now from the macOS App Store.

PreviewCode’s main UI

The app is a carrier for a pair of macOS extensions that provide Finder with QuickLook file previews and icon thumbnails. You can view previews by selecting a file — say a JavaScript or Python script, or some Swift code — and hitting the space key. Or if you select the file when you have Finder’s preview pane open, or you’ve hit Command-I to get file info.

PreviewCode 1.2.0’s key additions — all requested by users — are support for:

  • Environment .env files.
  • CMake .cmake files.
  • Terraform variable .tfvars files — joining .tf files, added in the previous release.
  • AsciiDoc .adoc.asciidoc and .asc files.
  • and .rc config files

In addition, I’ve fixed a number of file-type-handling and file-type-ownership issues that slipped through the testing process for the last release — check out the release notes for details of those — but a more important change is basing the app’s rendering path on the latest release of the HighlighterSwift library, which in turn has been updated to support the latest version, 11.5.x, of the Highlight.js engine.

A typical source code file QuickLook preview from PreviewCode

This brings PreviewCode fully up to date — the previous release was tracking the older, 10.x version of Highlight.js.

To learn more about PreviewCode, including all the languages and file types it supports, take a look at the PreviewCode web page.

PreviewCode 1.2.0, is available now from the macOS App Store. The source code, minus visual and some other assets, can be viewed over at GitHub.